Motion Capture

Check out my MoCap Showreel here!

My MoCap skills include: 

  • Full body capture

  • Head-cam

  • Face capture

  • Military training

  • Creature and animal work

  • Basic acrobatics

  • Bouldering (V3)

  • Stage Combat (BASSC distinctions in Rapier & Dagger and Unarmed combat)

Motion capture is the digital culmination of everything else that I do - movement, puppetry, the fantastical - it all fits together in MoCap. Absolutely nothing beats the thrill of seeing your character come to life and move with you on screen. 

My experience includes performance capture work for video games at AudioMotion Sutdios and Vicon Motion Systems. I have trained with some of the UK's top mocap performers at The MoCap Vaults and MoCap Academy, which has allowed me to log additional volume time at Centroid 3D at Shepperton Studios.