Puppetry Skills:

  • Tabletop
  • Rod 
  • Bunraku-style
  • Object manipulation
  • Large-scale puppets
  • Devising new work

I am a firm believer that puppetry is a metaphorical medium that is just as much for adult audiences as it is for children. My puppetry work always starts in the same place: treat the puppet with kindness and find the breath to find the life. 

My own work has been performed at many venues and festivals including the Suspense Festival, Bristol Festival of Puppetry, Puppet Centre Trust 30th Birthday Party, as well as Sandglass Theater and Puppets in the Green Mountains in the US.

In the UK I have worked with a number of puppetry companies including Theatre Rites, Dotted Line Theatre, and Polka Theatre, among others.